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cytology solutions

Test Target : Cervical cancer, Uterine Endometrial Cancer

Specimen collecting : Cervix brushing or washing, Endometrial suction

Test Merit : Abundant cellular smear pattern


Sputum-Oral specimen, Body fluid, Fine Needle Aspiration

Test Target : Lung cancer, Metastasis or Recurrence of malignant Tumor, Bladder cancer, Kidney cancer, Breast cancer, Thyroid cancer

Specimen collecting : Sputum, Bronchial Washing, cerebrospinal fluid, pleural effusion, Peritoneal fluid, Pericardial fluid, Voided urine, Bladder Washing, FNA

Test Merit                                                       1) Clean the background by eliminating mucus as simple pre- preparation.
2) Superior cellular preservation by preventing degeneration of protein minimize the  cytologic degeneration.
3) Clear the background of cellular smear by eliminating bloods and fluid of tissue.
4) The 3rd Generation FNA enabled to make a cell block.